Review: Life in the Court of Matane

lifeinthecourtofmataneI recently had the pleasure of reviewing Eric Dupont’s Life in the Court of Matane, translated by Peter McCambridge. About which I had to say this:

“Spanning 1976 to 1983, this novel, which was originally published in French in 2008 under the title Bestiaire, is chock full of […] Quebec “zeitgeist” moments, accompanied by the narrator’s eccentric and often scathing reflections on them. A cast of cultural figures lend authenticity, with Jacques Brel, Elvis Presley, Tintin, Margaret Thatcher, Laika the Soviet space dog, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, and Réné Levesque among the fray. There are memories of long, seemingly unbearable winters, greasy dinners at casse-croûtes, and an education proffered by nuns. And naturally, there are dreams of sovereignty, and the divisive question of separation.” Continue Reading.

Visit QC Fiction’s website to order this book. 

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