Reviewed: “The Orange Grove” and “Brothers”

    These two stories about brothers are wildly different. The Orange Grove asks what brothers, and indeed all humans, are capable of, while Clerson’s debut novel eschews reality, causing the reader to question what is truth and what is myth. Together, they announce an exciting future for Quebec fiction in translation.      

“I Never Talk About It” Out Next Year With QC Fiction

QC Fiction is a new imprint that's put out three fantastic titles this year, one of which I recently reviewed for PRISM international. I like what they're up to, which is why I'm happy to be a part of their most recent translation project. Chaque automne j'ai envie to mourir, a short story collection by Véronique Côté and … Continue reading “I Never Talk About It” Out Next Year With QC Fiction

New Experimental Fiction in (parenthetical)

Thanks to Nicole Brewer and William Kemp of words(on)pages press for publishing Houseboat, an experimental fiction piece that I wrote this past spring (during the final, procrastination-fuelled months of my thesis) in issue 16 of (parenthetical).  This zine has been a platform for emerging writers since 2014. Read the piece here, or check out the entire issue for free here. … Continue reading New Experimental Fiction in (parenthetical)

New Short Fiction in Room’s Canadian Gothic Issue!

One of my short fiction pieces, titled "Night Collection," appears alongside fiction from award-winning Canadian author Aislinn Hunter and an interview with Eden Robinson in Room magazine's "Canadian Gothic" issue, on newsstands now! From the Room website: In Room’s call for submissions for this issue, we asked writers and artists how they imagine the gothic literary tradition manifests itself within Canada’s … Continue reading New Short Fiction in Room’s Canadian Gothic Issue!