December Recap: “Playing the Man” in Plenitude & Violet Hour Reading

Early last month, a story of mine titled “Playing the Man” was published online in Plenitude. This queer lit mag is publishing some of the most exciting writing in Canada—from authors like Kai Cheng Tom, Adèle Barclay, Kayla Czaga, and Sierra Skye Gemma, to name a few. All of the content is accessible for free online.

If you haven’t read “Playing the Man” yet, it’s available online here.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Fuck,” says Mike, backing off me. He yanks his pants up with one hand. “It’s one of my roommates. My girlfriend is here.”


“I need you to hide,” he says. “She’s crazy, trust me—just get in the closet. I’ll let you know when you can come out.”

He slaps his own cheek five times in quick succession. Then he disappears, closing the door behind him. I go to the window and lift it open, squeezing my torso through the small opening until I’m out on the fire escape, clutching the cold, wrought-iron railing, the sight of the ground through the steps dizzying as I descend.

When the doctor decided it wasn’t worth doing another round of chemo, my dad asked me to get him some pills. Your mum’s too much of a sissy, but you…

I jump from the last staircase, tripping over the hem of my cover-up onto my knees, my palms meeting hard snow. I stand up. The gate of the fence leading out to the street is locked, so I scale it. My phone vibrates in my left boot as I walk downtown, and I smile picturing Mike’s face when he looks for me in the closet. Asswipe.

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Finally, on December 22, I  had the pleasure of reading alongside Nick Comilla, Mark Ambrose Harris, Maggie Panko, and VassyLyne Towers at The Violet Hour, a queer reading series run by Montrealer Christopher DiRaddio.

Check out this photo from the event: