New Short Fiction…Coming Soon!

This summer, I’ve been hard at work trying to wrap up my thesis project. In the meantime, after sending out A LOT of short fiction (and racking up my rejection count), I’m beyond thrilled to say I’ve found homes for some of my pieces in a handful of great Canadian lit mags.


“Night Collection” is a short story which asks why we fear what’s outside of our homes as opposed to what’s in them. It will appear in Issue 39.3, a special Canadian Gothic-themed issue of Room. (Best of all, I get to see my writing alongside fiction and poetry by a ton of Canadian authors I respect and admire—Aislinn Hunter, Amber Dawn, and Catherine Graham, to name a few.) Contact me before August 25th to get a friends and family discount on this issue or a discounted annual subscription to this award-winning magazine.


“Golden Birthday,” which I wrote way back in 2014, will appear in Matrix Magazine‘s Mad Pride-themed issue sometime in the fall or winter of this year. It’s a dark exploration of the grieving process for a young woman following the death of her fiancé. More information coming soon!


Procrastinating writing and revising my thesis has meant some level of productivity in other areas—i.e. I’m writing short fiction when I’m supposed to be drudging through my novel. It’s no surprise that  “Houseboat,” an experimental prose poetry/short fiction piece, explores some of the very same themes as my novel, namely feminism and environmentalism. It’s slated to be published in Issue 17 of (parenthetical), an independent zine out of Toronto. Thanks to editors Nicole Brewer and William Kemp!


Last but not least, I’ve found a home for a longer story I wrote a bit more than a year ago. “The Host” is a darkly—dark is becoming a common theme here—humorous coming-of-age story narrated by a young woman who witnesses a suicide in Montréal. It will appear online in a forthcoming issue of Cosmonaut’s Avenue

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