Professional editors work with authors, researchers, students, businesses, and people like you to generate clear and captivating writing.

Whether your message is still in a raw form or already shaping up, it’s up to the editor to develop and polish that message—and the best editors know how to do so without anyone knowing they were there.

Editors also act as go-betweens. They protect an author’s rights and vision without sacrificing the needs of publishers or readers. If you’re considering hiring an editor, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the levels of editing involved in preparing a manuscript for publication.



CREATIVE WRITING Memoirs Personal essays Flash fiction Short fiction Novellas Novels Poetry As a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing graduate student, I have offered detailed and constructive editorial comments on dozens of works in progress. Through my experience as a mentor for Booming Ground, I have also had the pleasure of helping some talented emerging writers … Continue reading EXPERIENCE


SERVICE RATE PER PAGE Substantive/Structural Editing $10.00 Stylistic Editing $6.00 Copyediting $5.00 Proofreading $4.00 Manuscript Evaluation $3.00 Rates are determined after an assessment of a sample of the work. Please see What Do Editors Charge? for more information on how these rates were calculated. I use the Standard Freelance Editorial Agreement provided by the Editor’s … Continue reading RATES & SERVICES